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how do i apply to be an athletic model for like sportswear?

i don't have the body type nor height for runway but I have an athletic body (muscles) where I could do a Nike running commercial or Dick's Sporting Goods but the modeling agencies only cast runway size so where would I go (or reach out to) to get hired to do a photoshoot for those type of modeling that you see in sports stores or fitness companies 

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    3 weeks ago

    Before you approach the fitness companies about doing an actual photoshoot, you probably want to have a portfolio, or collection of photographs of you modeling active and fitness wear. Look for a photographer who specializes in modeling activewear and fitness apparel.  Or just have a friend take your photos, and put them on a social media page to get started. An athletic brand will probably want to see that you already have some photos or modeling experience, and the body type they're looking for.  There are lots of fitness experts and models on social media so you might want to look at their photos for inspiration and ideas.  

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    3 weeks ago

    concentrate on your homework or doing chores around the house

  • 3 weeks ago

    You will have to find a modeling agency that represents athletic models. 

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