Falsely accused of being banned?

So I went to the mall today with my friend, and as usual, we went to Zumiez. The manager there stopped us right when we walked in and said “aren’t you banned here?” and i laughed it off and said “no you must have the wrong person for sure” and then we walked a bit further. She then consulted her coworker I guess, and told me, “no I know it’s you and you’re banned here, me and my coworker remember you” and so I’m like “what? is there any way I can prove to you that it’s not me, I’m very anti shoplifting and I would never do that” which is true, I have never shoplifted in my life. So then she’s just telling me that I need to leave now and that she’s been a manager for 2 years and she knows faces very well. Obviously she doesn’t because I’m not banned at Zumiez. Also she said that this happened a few months back, but I’ve been there within the last couple months and nothing has been said to me. This really ruined my day and made me feel bad because she treated me like a criminal. I think I’m going to call corporate. How should I go about this?

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  • 1 month ago
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    Write to head office and explain what happened.

    Say that you consider being publicly refused admission to be a libelous action as the implication to people seeing it is that you have done something wrong.

    Then say that you need the misidentification clearing up, and an apology.

    Make sure you give your full name and address, even if contacting them by email.

    With a bit of luck you will get an apology and a store voucher.

    [And if you go back to the store, just be normally polite - do not argue with the manager or point out they were wrong.]

  • 4 weeks ago

    If you want to call corporate, you go ahead and call corporate.  Good luck.

  • 1 month ago

    u can write this on Yelp

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