Is it normal to be fatigued and sore on my days off from work?

On my days off from work I feel fatigued and sore. Sometimes I get headaches and get NOTHING done for myself. Usually the first day is the worst, then on the second day I feel almost fully recovered. When it's time to return to work I am just barely feeling my best. Then I repeat the process of slowly deteriorating my way towards exhaustion until the week is over and I get two days off again. The same cycle repeats itself every week... 

Sometimes I'll get lucky and magically have more energy on my days off , Only then can I get more done...usually I'm always fatigued and feel sick on my days off. I've asked many people and most say it's normal but there has to be a way to improve and be more productive. I need help. I can't live the rest of my life like this. I need to get more done for myself 

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