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Medical question about the heart?

I've been having chest pain for about 3 or so years. I've had about 10 ecgs and an ultrasound of my heart back in 2017, the results of the ecgs showed nothing wrong and the ultrasound also showed nothing was wrong. I have seen a cardiologist back October 2018 and she believes that my chest pain is a muscuosekeltal problem. My family doctor also told me that my heart was fine before I visited the cardiologist, I had seen him before multiple times before seeing the cardiologist. Am I worrying about nothing? I am 23 years old so should I be worried? My doctor also thinks I have anxiety. The cardiologist did perform an ecg when I had gone to see her back in 2018 and she said the result was what it should be (normal) and that I had no heart issues. Am I freaking about nothing? I still have chest pain and I can always feel my heart beating and I keep on getting freaked out.

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    It could be GI related from smoking, alcohol, drugs, diet (lactose intolerance).

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    2 months ago

    Your chest pain is a psychosomatic manifestation of your hypochondria. Doctors are enabling and ultimately making your health anxiety worse by pandering to you and carrying out medically unnecessary tests. See your family doctor again to get a referral for cognitive behavioural therapy and help yourself by practising mindfulness meditation.

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