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If you are really in trouble with the law and you do not get a lawyer can you get max punishment?

I'm 16 years old and I got into a fist fight and won. I felonious assault the guy. My parents already know because I told them from guilt. My parents said if they do come to our house and arrest you , we will not help you.  My parents said the following, you get no lawyer, which means the judge and prosecutor can go to max punshment/ fine.  I won't be able to use my own money which I have 1500 dollars in the bank from working. My parents will freeze my money so I cant myself retrieve a lawyer myself. My parents will not bail me out and since my money is froze I'll be in jail until my hearing and then sentenced to prison. My parents also said a felony these days does not allow you to get your own place or find a job. They said after getting out of prison I will be homeless. They finally said quit beating people up and doing stuff wrong then stuff doesnt happen. They said you need to learn the hard way. My parents are old school, hard nosed Republicans that believe in learning the hard way in life. The bottom line I will have to do max time with mo help then knowing I'll be homeless after that.  What do I do?

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    You can receive the maximum sentence, with or without a lawyer.

    You can be found not guilty, with or without a lawyer.

    In general, having a good lawyer increases the odds of less than the maximum sentence.

    That said, NONE of what you say your parents told you is legally accurate, with the POSSIBLE exception of them not helping you.

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    You tell the judge that you can't pay for a lawyer and ask the judge to have the court provide one for you.

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    How old was the other guy - if he was 18 or over - he is not likely to report this fight because he would be admitting to assaulting a minor.  It doesn't matter who wins the fight - if an ADULT hits a MINOR - then the adult is always accused of abuse and assaulting the minor.

    Second - since you are a minor - your parents will have some control over what happens in regards to a lawyer and bailing you out of jail if you are arrested.  BUT - the court will always appoint a FREE lawyer to anyone who can't afford a lawyer.  Even if your parents are refusing representation for you - you would have the option for a free lawyer to give you advice and help you.  (better than nothing.)

    Having a lawyer doesn't always guarantee a better deal.  Past offenses are often considered.  The severity of the crime is always considered.  The lack of support from your parents will even be considered.  If your parents aren't trying to save you - then the court will know you are a problem and will be more likely to give a more severe punishment.

    But - until someone actually shows up trying to accuse you of a crime - you should stop worrying about it.  After all, most guys are going to be embarrassed to admit they were beat up by a punk kid.  

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