Could you explain me why commas have been put wrongly?

I'm learning English.


Once the members of the fellowship arrive in front of the entrance of the mines of Moria, they feel there is something strange with the water.

Aragorn lets the horse go away because he thinks, the way would become too dangerous for him.  

Gandalf lights up the entrance door of the mine, although he does not manage to get it open. The fellowship take a rest, while Gandalf and Frodo study a way to get inside. Gimili explains that his cousin Balin would have welcomed them in a highly friendly way, by inviting  them to a feast.


You didn't tell me how my expression is, nor whether your "quite good" means something negative.

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  • Cogito
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    3 weeks ago
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    Hi - I answered your last question and mentioned about the commas.

    A comma is only needed where a pause is required or a separate idea is being given.

    In your first sentence, a comma simply isn't needed.  "Once they arrive ... they feel ..." that.  

    In the second sentence it's totally wrong.  He thinks that the way would become dangerous.  

    In the third sentence the word 'although' acts as a pause in itself, just as 'because', 'and', 'or, etc, do.

    In the fourth sentence they take a rest while Gandalf and Frodo do that - the comma is pointless.

    In the final sentence Balin would have done that by inviting them.  Again, no comma is necessary as there's no pause or separate idea.

  • John P
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    3 weeks ago

    In my form of English, 'quite good' is mildly positive.

  • 3 weeks ago

    The only comma that is definitely wrong is the comma after "thinks"  -

    Aragorn lets the horse go away because he thinks the way would become too dangerous.

    All the others are optional; I personally would not say they were wrong.

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