dream of red, bloody eyes?

Last night I encountered a strange dream in which I was looking in the mirror, then suddenly red completely takes over my eyes. It then slowly fades away, eventually returning to my original eye color. I believe that someone was after me, which was the cause of my eyes being that color, but they soon got killed which resulted in my eyes to go back to normal. I cant recall who exactly was wanting to harm me, but i'm definitely curious to know the meaning behind this if anybody knows.

1 Answer

  • 3 weeks ago

    Haven't you ever heard the phrase...."He is seeing red!"  It means he is angry as heck.  Red is the strongest, boldest, brightest color of the rainbow, so when someone sees red, you know they are mad.  Now since you didn't know this meaning, I believe you actually felt anger, and this feeling was shown through your reflection in the mirror.  Now what are you angry about?  That is what the dream is about.  Find the reason why you feel such rage or hate or anger, and you have the answer to your question. 

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