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I saw my ex best friend who is an enemy now in my me if you know about dreams?

We are both females.

1.let me explain the REALITY first

Both of us had given exams at 18 in reality and i succed with high grades and she failed with very low grades

So i had made fun of her very low grades and bully her to another friend

After that she had passed to a university and she was too happy because she pass somewhere she could not believe with that very low grades

Ι passed also to a better university than hers.

But we are not friends anymore

Idk what she had done but i feel ashamed because after i passed to the university i did not study anything and now i am 26 years old and still a student with no degree yet and i am very ashamed let me explain you the DREAM

I saw in the dream that i saw her and talk to her and she had degree and postgraduate and she was about to be a proffessor at an universityAnd i felt very small in front of her and very ashamed

Because in the past i had made fun of her and now i am below her ... the wayI dont know what exactly she has done if she took her degree or not

What does this dream means?

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    Dreams are usually our subconscious minds trying to make sense out of what is happening around us.  You admit that in real life you did two shameful things: bullied your friend to others and failed to do the work needed to get a degree.  

    Deep inside you know those things were wrong, not only because of the way things turned out, but most importantly because it exposes parts of your character as being mean to others and not willing to do what you need to succeed.  Your dream mind has already judged your actions and inactions as being shameful.  It's a life lesson to yourself.  You may want to apologize to your old friend and look into ways to get the knowledge or training to prepare for a successful career. 

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    Dreams are nothing but your brain moving files from one file cabinet to another.

  • Kelley
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    4 weeks ago

    Apologize and ask for forgiveness.  Be gentle and kind to all.

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