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How could someone die 24 hours after their limb is traumatically severed?

A child I know died at the age of seven recently; she was struck by the side mower of a tractor and her leg was severed. This was the only injury. It took paramedics nearly 30 minutes to arrive (rural area) and from there she was transported to a local medical clinic, stablilized, and airlifted to the children’s hospital (about a 2 hour drive away). She was alive and responsive at this time, and they were hoping to reattach the leg. Unfortunately, the next evening she died in hospital. Would this be from blood loss, even though she was stabilized and alive for 24 hours after the accident?? I thought blood loss would kill a person quickly. I’m just wondering what exactly may have caused her death due to her leg being severed, this long after the accident while she was already receiving medical care. Any input would be appreciated ❤️ Thanks.

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    I would suspect blood loss was the cause. She would have lost a lot of blood in a very short time. What a tragic shame. The driver of the tractor must have been completely negligent for that to happen. 

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    probably got an infection.

    If she had bloodloss they could have given her a transfusion and/or saline IV

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    She bled out and was in shock by the time help arrived.

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    A severe trauma to the body often results in shock symptoms, causing insufficient blood flow to various organs in the body.  In this case that was made worse by a large loss of blood.  Another cause is sepsis--a rapidly growing infection.  Read more about shock on the link below.

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  • 4 weeks ago

    Short answer  -- yes. Obviously.   It depends on the health care available. 

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