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Looking to rent an apartment but...?

Like when one is buying a used car, they get a car fax which I know can be not so accurate but is there documents that show a house was inspected? Also when buying a used car one has a mechanic look at it. That’s usually a standard thing. Is there a type of person one can seek to check out an a apartment when considering a place to rent?

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    You don't need to pay someone because it doesn't take an expert.

    Google - apartment tour checklist

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    Normally when one is looking to buy a home..  The BUYER hires an inspector to check out the home they are interested in.

    Sure, you can hire a home inspector to check out a potential rental.

    It makes more sense to look up reviews for the apartment/property management company tho

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    4 weeks ago

    You are not buying so a simple walk thru is fine for most people. If there are issues, don't rent unless they are resolved.

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    You are not buying you are renting and normally you would go and view the place, maybe check the local authority to see what the area is like, crime rate, schools and othe facilities available, you could check land registry to make sure you are renting from the owner and it is not some tenant who is conning you into thinking they own it and are subletting

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