If Covid happened in December 2019 how come people didn't make a huge deal about it until March 2020?

I do notice people didn't make a huge deal about the Covid virus until March of this year.

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    If the USA, and in particular its president, had made a huge deal about it earlier, most of the 204,000 victims would still be alive.

  • Piero
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    3 weeks ago

    Our government tried to pretend the problem didn't exist, until it became a total country wide disaster. Trump tried to cover it up.

  • A.J.
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    3 weeks ago

    In other countries than the USA, people were making a huge deal of it. In the USA, President Trump kept lying by saying he has it fully under control, and it's nothing to worry about. When he finally passed it to USA State governors to set their own individual actions and to fight and bid for medical supplies, and FEMA kept intervening and bidding higher, the USA was completely out of control with no real help from the White House at all.

    Many people, including me, blame Trump for making this far worse than it had to be, while he keeps pointing to the theoretical numbers that if nobody did nothing at all and let the whole country get infected quickly it would have killed millions.

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