Can I get into Tulane?

I live in Colorado and I want to go to Tulane. I have a 3.62 uw and 3.81 weighted gpa. I have done cross country, softball, track and field, swim club, and swim team. I am the co president of HOSA(nationally recognized) and the secretary of NAHS(also nationally recognized). I wrote for the school newspaper freshman and sophomore year and I am again this year. I did interact club freshman and sophomore year. I have accumulated about 60 hours of community service, and I have a summer job. Can I get in?

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    Honestly? Probably not. Tulane has a 17% acceptance rate and your SAT is well below the range for admitted students of 1350-1490.  Your unweighted GPA is within the range for admitted students, which is great, but may not be enough. The issue is simply that there are probably going to be enough other applicants with better SAT/GPA combinations given how few student are admitted.

    Get on a site like Niche, Big Future, or Magoosh and look all this up.  You can find admission rate, SAT/ACT range, GPA range, etc. for just about any US university.

    You also need to be very clear on the attributes of the school that are important to you. Clemson and UGA are pretty similar but not remotely like Syracuse of Boston U.  If one of these is a dream school, WHY?  How are these other schools the same or different?  Consider cost, majors, research opportunities, class size, weather, urban or suburban campus, housing options, distance from home, and campus culture. All of these are good schools, but not necessarily a better fit for you than 100 other schools, including CU and School of Mines.  If you are thinking premed, you need to look at access to research opportunities. If you are thinking nursing, the which schools have what type of BSN programs.  The thing that you need to understand is that your extracurriculars help paint a picture of you as a person (engaged in a lot of good things) but they don't make up for academics at these more selective schools. You have some many different things,  none of them are going to help you get into college unless you are good enough to be recruited to a NCAA D1 team.  Doing four sports doesn't necessarily improve your chances. It is great that you enjoy all of those sports and clubs, but the number of things you do suggests that you aren't dedicating very much time to any of them.  More elite universities do want to see dedication and accomplishment in one thing rather than a patchwork of activities where the student doesn't really achieve growth.

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    Its actually rather easy for high school students to research their chances of admission to a particular college.  Doing a Google search for something like, "average GPA and SAT scores for freshmen admitted to XYZ University," will return a number of hits.  Those results will tell you if you are in the ball park for that particular college.

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    I also have done 6 AP classes, got a 1220 on the SAT. Can I get into Tulane, UGA, Syracuse, Clemson, Boston Uni?

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