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Which silencer will increase the performance without the default mileage drop in a Royal Enfield?


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  • adam
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    3 weeks ago

    Royal Enfield .... performance. Your joking right?  

  • 4 weeks ago

    Which model, dude?

  • 4 weeks ago

    In order to increase the performance of Royal Enfield Classic 500 by modification :

    Remapping the existing ECU or replace with plug and play Powertronic ECU

    Adding K&N racing air filter

    Changing the rear sprocket with the one with more teeth

    Even Turbo charger are an option to attain more speed

    And some tweaks in engine (over size polished piston, polished valves) and exhaust system. However if apart from performance if you want more riding comfort than there are many options available. You can decrease the size of the bike or change the seat for better riding comfort. A small change like changing the handle can improve the riding posture. Rideofy has been helping people to achieve aesthetic changes on their bike. U can fill this form to get in contact with them. For more visit their website 

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