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How to come up with stuff on the fly?

I struggle with holding conversations. I can’t keep one for long, I always run out of stuff to talk about and usually don’t have good, funny comebacks and witty things to say. 

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  • There are a few things that you can try to help facilitate conversation, but it's important to remember that you don't have to be a conversational mastermind in order to be a fun person to talk to. It's completely acceptable to have a brain fart here and there, stutter, or require a bit of time for thought when talking to someone. 

    1. If you don't read regularly, you should start. 

    It doesn't matter what you read, but try to maintain a small reading schedule; 10-20 min a day. This will allow your mind to practice focusing on specific topics that have nothing or little to do with your everyday life. It will also gradually give you more material to work with when thinking of things to say. Reading material in a book, magazine or newspaper sticks around in our mind for longer and in a more meaningful way than reading things online would.

    2. Be active during the day, eat right and get enough sleep. 

    This should be pretty self explanatory. A healthy body is a healthy mind. 

    3. Try practicing in conversation with people to become more comfortable making those conversational leaps. 

    This can either mean engaging in conversations with people you already know, estranged/distant family, people at your workplace/school, or people that you meet online. You don't have to approach complete strangers to become good at having a conversation. Talking succinctly has more to do with how comfortable you are than what you have to say. You will notice ways that you and other people introduce themselves, certain mannerisms that you may enjoy and good ways to segue a conversation if you don't like where it's going. 

    Hope I helped. 

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    Well just keep asking other people questions then ,listening to answers and then join in when you see something that you can relate to.

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    My mother was well liked by many people in all walks of life. I have come to the conclusion that she was a good listener.

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