What did you all think about Ryback's tweet saying that the world would be a better place with Dave Meltzer 6 feet under?

Dave Meltzer of course is a wrestling journalist. He's been covering wrestling for about 3 decades now. According to Ryback, Dave puts out a lot of false information about a variety of wrestlers that he doesn't like. Just so that it would help terminate their push. Apparently he put out a lot of lies about Ryback, one being that he injures people in the ring. Well as you can see by the tweet, Ryback feels that the only way wrestling would get better, with Dave Meltzer being dead.  Very harsh thing to say, but that's his opinion. What do you all think?

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  • 4 weeks ago
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    I think Ryback crossed the line there. I can understand him being frustrated with Meltzer, if he was putting out fabricated stories about him online. But at the end of the day, Dave is still a human being. He has a wife & kids. It wouldn't be a better world for them.

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