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How come every negative aspect of younger white beautiful women in the USA is FACT yet white feminists say not generalize?

It is true. One should not generalize. For example not all blacks steal, not all Muslims are terrorists, not al Hispanics sell drugs, not all Asians know martial arts. etc

However, when it comes  the group of young white women that are attractive. They are ALL the SAME.  

Firstly, these are the facts. White women IF pretty, sweet, fit, and young are ALL the same, especially in the United States.

The FACT is they do NOT want men that are financially stable, intellectual, outdoorsey, and well traveled. Sexually these are turn OFFS. For them, it is better to be with a man that pays $100 if his credit card bill is $1500. 

Younger white women if pretty also ALL do drugs. 

They ALL subscribe to white feminist ideology which tells girls to stick with men in their own age groups or to go for muscular or metrosexual looking men. OR if the man is not attractive but has a criminal record,no matter the crime, smokes, does drugs,  he is seen as cool and is acceptable. 

White feminists influence this through Hollywood and porn which are industries they control.

Sure some white girls may want a man with money but it would have to be a ridiculous amount where $10K is expected to be dropped in a heartbeat for any item. 

They also are dumb and don't seem to get smart until maybe 30s which by then is too late unless they are of Latin variety and have gotten enhancements.

To be clear fat girls are not beautiful in case there is confusion. 

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    1 month ago

    I wasnt going to answer this question but reading it was somewhat entertaining. I got a couple of laughs out. Thanks.

  • 1 month ago

    Your assuming way too much. Do you actually know any pretty or ugly white women?

  • 1 month ago

    I think your sick

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