Please paraphrase! ?

Hi. Can someone paraphrase the following sentence from CNN website for me. I am a translator and I can't understand it. What does "on down" also mean? 

From the Democratic presidential ticket on down, criticism of Barrett repeatedly circled back to what has been a political winner for the party. 


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    3 weeks ago
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    First of all, "the Democratic presidential ticket" means the candidates of the Democratic Party for President and Vice-President (Joe Biden and Kamala Harris). Then, "on down" means "Democratic candidates for other, lower-ranking political offices such as US Congress, state governor, state legislature, etc." 

    The candidates for Pres. and Vice Pres. are considered to be at the "top of the ticket" ("ticket" = "one party's list of candidates in an election"), and candidates for lower offices are called the "down-ballot" candidates -- and they usually appear physically beneath the presidential candidates on the printed ballot or on a voting machine.

    So the sentence is saying that all or most of the Democratic candidates in the upcoming elections -- including the two most important ones -- are making the same criticisms of the judge.

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