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Could somebody tell me the meaning of this dream I had about cursed fair grounds and a giant robot bird? 1 out of 2 dreams I had in 1 day!?

 I did have a dream yesterday...and it was..Bizarre.

It felt like I was in a goosebumps book. There was like a carnival or fair out in the country/rural town where we had been converted into psuedo undead at this haunted fair, and eventually after finding a way to blend in with everyone who had been turned into psuedo zombies, we saw the thing running the show: a giant red and black, 100 foot tall raven themed robot. Like it was a giant sentient robot that was built humanoid (arms, legs, torso) but it's head was like a raven. It's eyes and mouth gave off a dirty golden light, it had a giant TV screen on it's chest and a cavity in it's solar plexas area where controls were (or some kind of rectangular cavity).

It had some kind of energy projector in it's mouth with rotating parts, looking like some kind of energy weapon from the transformers movie.

It was half buried into the hillside, partly under the trees as cover (it was mostly in a clearing), and was in a leaning position so that you could stand under it's tilted body (from the waist down it was submerged, I don't know if it was in a sitting position under the dirt or not). It's hands were submerged in the dirt just past it's wrist by a few feet (although to the bird, feet must have felt like inches).

(continued in update)


Basically, the robot bird announced with it's loud speaker like voice that it was going to kill me if I didn't get in line. I said that I knew it was going to kill me anyway, so to paraphrase (I don't remember all the dialogue) that I might as well go down fighting. I then screamed a very crass threat and apparently inspired all the other people turned into zombies to snap out of it and we all mob rushed the thing. 

Update 2:

When I got up to the bird's waist, an aritificial floor was raised adjacent to it's submerged waist area and I had to fight this very very marble white woman with wavy orange hair and a white roman toga on. She had an androgynous face that looked between male and female. She had a weapon that looked like a fire poker fused with a vape cigarette and she stabbed me with it.

Update 3:

I don't know if I defeated her straight up but eventually when the mob caught up behind me it cut to a scene shot from a different angle, like in a movie) of seeing the robot making a screaming "caw" noise and pulling it's body out of the dirt. I knew it ran away, but I didn't see how or where.

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