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What is next?

Tenant is not responding to the new terms.  They are silent.  No phone calls, no texts, no emails. How long do I need to wait for their response?

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    You don't need a response if they are month to month. You simply give notice of the new terms.

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    You do not need their confirmation or approval. After serving them legal notice in accordance with our state laws of the changes, they legally agree to the new terms by continuing to live there.  If they do not agree then it is their responsiblity to give proper notice & move out. If they violate the new terms then you serve them a notice to vacate. 

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    Send them written notice of an inspection and go and inspect the property at the same time you can check if they are still living there as ignoring suggests this or another issue if they are you can leave written notice of new contract starting in 30 days and the new terms then go into affect on that date regardless of if they sign or not ( keep a copy of all and any written notices)

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    you left out important facts.  is the lease expiring and you sent notification of change in terms?  why do they need to respond?  failure to respond indicates acceptance of the terms, as long as you can prove you made legal notification you can move forward with the changes.

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  • 3 weeks ago

    If they haven't responded with 10 days, or so, then I'd just assume this means no and act accordingly.

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    I'd give them two weeks, then email them a reminder of the deadline to respond.

    You can also try a different method of communication, e.g. if you previously emailed then leave a letter at their door.

    Does the old lease specify what happens when it ends if not renewed? Or how far in advance they need to notify you of intention to leave?

    If they don't tell you they're leaving, then they continue to owe rent at whatever rate you choose (as long as you give them sufficient notice per local requirements).

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