(PLEASE HELP) Is it normal for me to have these thoughts at my developing age? I’m confused about my sexuality?

Today I was mercilessly bullied in the boys locker room after gym class, I was changing into my normal clothes, when I was suddenly grabbed by two seniors, Ryan and Ethan, Ryan pinned me down to the floor by my arms and sat on my crotch area, then Ethan, who had a huge bubble butt, say on my face and shouted “Smell my farts, Pretty boy!” And then farted in my face which made all the boys laugh hysterically, the smell was absolutely putrid and I gagged and cried, but I was so excited about the fart and the shape of Ethan’s butt and got a hard-on, I was getting hornier the more times Ethan farted, and I was moving my **** on Ryan’s crotch until I climaxed for like 30 seconds and came, sweating and panting. They then forced me to breath it in until Ethan was out of farts and he got off me. They all walked away laughing. Is this normal? 

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    No, that is terribly messed up what they did to you. It's okay to be gay though. This bigotry needs to stop. No matter what your race, religion or sexuality we all have many similar interests. I'd tell a counselor and try to get the boys who bullied you like that suspended or in detention. It's perfectly normal to experiment with your sexuality during puberty though 

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    Not in my life,  but hell its your fantasy.

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    Yes it is, it's called, puberty!

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    I assume you are a young teenage boy who has sexual attractions to other males.  Either you have done something to make the other boys believe you are gay.  It is normal for young teenage boys to be sexually attracted to both sexes as their hormones have not settled down to their adult levels yet, but if you have no sexual attraction to females then possibly you were born to be gay.  Gays got a wrong Chromosome before they were born and in males instructs the brain to not produce a hormone needed to make their brain sexually attracted to females.

      Try and stand tall as bullies get their jollies from seeing you look hurt as it gives them a feeling of power over you being able to control your emotions.  If you don't look hurt then you deny them the feeling of power over you they got controlling your emotions.  You owe the bullies nothing so don't be scared to talk to the principal about how you were sexually accosted in the locker room as schools are scared of being sued if they do not stop sexual harassment in their school.  If you do nothing then these bullies will turn your life to hell and no one wants to be friends with the bullied kid as they are scared that if they look friendly they will also get bullied.  If you are embarrassed to talk to the principal write them a letter explaining what happened to you and who did it.  Perhaps next time it happens bite the bully's butt as I am sure he will never do that again.

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    It’s Sunday. You can’t be in school on Sunday.

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