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Online dating Question?

I haven't really dated online before , so i tried it out for the first time. Before i would sign up and match with people but i wouldn't msg them out of being really shy. So i was wondering is this a normal response. Do most women ask for a skype or email before they meet you or is it like a spam kind of thing? I got this response back after we matched and i had asked her if she wanted to meet for coffee or lunch. I was just throwing stuff against the wall and seeing what worked. So she replied a basic greeting then said i looked attractive and then said  "I'm not looking for casual encounters. leave me ur Skype or email, so i can contact you." I figured you match online on tinder or any dating site and you would ask them out somewhere, meet and then see if you clicked. So is the norm you skype talk then move on from there?

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    In my opinion this is why online dating is problematic. The dating sites have in their guidelines to not exchange contact info, but that isn't realistic for people who genuinely want a relationship. You need to have something solid to feel you know who the person is and to make it feel more old fashioned. I personally will ask for contact info after a day and will ghost if the guy doesn't give it or message me on mine. Finally it's just ridiculous if I'm meeting someone by a train station and we can't use a separate app to message each other, the thought of that gives me so much anxiety that I love myself enough not to put myself in that situation just for the sake of meeting.

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