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Why does the average 21 year old have more interest in playing video games and partying than advancing their life and career?

The average 21 year old 100 years ago already owned a home and was married. The average 21 year old today doesn't even know what a mortgage is, doesn't even know how to cook and clean and take care of themselves, and is unemployed or working in a minimum wage job or still supported by mom and dad

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    21 year olds did not own homes.  Ever.  I agree with everything else though.  There are 4 places where the blame squarely lies: 1) smartphones  2) social media  3) defunding education  4) acceleration in the concentration of wealth (by the 1%)

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    these people are wrong, in only 1968 people bought nice homes for 16k and could put down 500. rent was 50 a month, people were more responsible and would be ashamed to play games like a 15 y o . today they are afraid to grow up, 

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    So you're asking why people seem to mature slower and gain responsibility later than they did a century ago?? Necessity, friend. The average 21 year old a century ago HAD to have a career and a family much earlier than today for survival. That's not necessary now.

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    Sorry.  But 100 years ago, only around 40% of all Americans owned a home.  Houses were expensive and required you to pay cash, or 50% or more as a down payment.  Very few people could afford this.  Most people, regardless of age, were renters or lived with their parents and helped out.  As for marriage, the median age for a first marriage in 1920 was 24.6 years old.  

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    Not 100 years ago but maybe in the post WWII era with a lot of help from the GI bill and the various suburban developments that were popping up then (and even still only if they were Caucasian). A century ago most people lived on farms in multigenerational households or in their own family domicile located on the same property. In terms of gaming instead of pursuing a career... We just don't teach "adulting" anymore, getting a postsecondary education is expensive and we as a culture haven't yet adjusted to the demands of the "new economy" - meaning we're producing people with degrees that just aren't useful in the digital world. 

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    Society and life is much different than it was back even 40 years ago.

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    No, 100 years ago they would not have owned their own home, they would have been renting one.  Loans and mortgages were not as easily to get back then. Homes were about 10% the price they are now though, which would have helped.  75% of the population was also rural, and poor, so if they did have a house, it was more of a shack.  They did not need anything more than grade 8 education back then either to get a job or work the farm.  Most did not have cars, or electricity.  They made less, but had less to spend it on.  Every generation has it easier than the previous one, and every previous generation harps on about the next generation.  That is the way of society when we do not understand them.

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