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would this disappoint you or am I being a bi^ch?

I was really fond of this local guy, knew him a few years. Hes in his early 40s. I never seen him with a woman in all that time but thought he must have someone in private since he was so attractive and confident.

Then he went off to another country to study post graduate. He ended up with a girlfriend the same age as my son.

When he came home and came over to say hi, I just pretended not to see him. He approached me a few times and was angry accusing me of ignoring him and even made a remark to me in front of my friend.

I dont know what happened but I think because I never seen who he goes out with that it never occurred to me that he was into girls a lot younger than him. I know its none of my business but it has changed the way I look at him now.

I havnt spoken to him since then.

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    When I learn a man or woman is dating someone young enough to be their child I am generally disgusted. However, it's their life.. Whatever, I don't have to hang out with them if I don't want to, nor do I have to explain why.

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    Don't you remember from all the other times you asked this word for word?

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