Is inuyasha more skilled with the Tessaiga than his father?(Surpassing him?) 2020 Hear me out first.?

In anime and in real life, there is more than one way a child can surpass his/her parents. In Inuyasha's case, while he's nowhere near the strength and physical might of his father, He is more skilled with the Tessaiga and had mastery of the sword than toga had. Here is how:

1. Toga had the So'unga, which was more powerful than the Tessaiga, meaning that he didn't use( or need) the Tessaiga all that much for battle since it was hinted by totosei and sesshomaru that he did use some of the forms of the sword but he more or less, mainly used the So'unga.( and there is no actual evidence to say otherwise) When we did see him use tessaiga, it was to rescue inuyasha and izoyoi. Inuyasha on the other hand, did need the sword not only to protect himself but to protect other humans too.2. In episode 44, Totosei told inuyasha after he reforged tessaiga, He told inuyasha that he had to add His Own power to the sword to make the sword as strong as it originally was. Meaning that inuyasha couldn't rely on his father any more, But that he had to rely on himself and it shows this in episode 45 and onwards. Inuyasha also defeated Ryukotsusei and even though the dragon was weakened, he was still more than a match for inuyasha. Because of this the windscar actually got stronger and inuyasha was able to use it more frequently, and he unlocked the backlash wave.(As a result of adding his fang/power to the Tessaiga).

3. He mastered the meido zangetsuha and made the black tessaiga his own design.


(part of point 3) not his not his father's. Otherwise, Toga wouldn't have had totosei to forge tenseiga. Then when inuyasha used the meido, the larger sword beam splited into 7 smaller sword beams which would then open and suck in objects from each form. That's more than what even Sesshomaru could do. So all in all, Inuyasha surpassed his father with the tessaiga, especially with the black Tessaiga.(Heck he even surpassed sesshomaru when it came to the meido zangetsuha). Thanks

Update 2:

(Part of point 2) Toga sealed Ryukotsusei, and died from the wound from their fight, making the dragon indirectly responsible for toga's death. Which shows that inuyasha did surpass his father earlier on by killing a demon his father couldn't. And people often overlooked points 2 and 3, Which the anime( the original and the final act) helped to prove my point. Remember  the Black Tessaiga is INUYASHA'S design. No more of this "father's design" nonsense. Sorry about the long comment

Update 3:

(Part of point 1) inuyasha used the different forms of the tessaiga to adapt in many battle situations

Update 4:

It is I swear but now let ask you this, are you the dude named imp?

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  • Imp
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    4 weeks ago

    You said last time would be the last time. YES Inuyasha surpassed his dad with the sword. will this be the last time?

    yes I am.

  • Anonymous
    4 weeks ago

     Imp, I kinda understand Alphonse's view point: he probably watched AxleBeats' video on the strongest inuyasha demons and he got pissed. I understand  though, how can you rank characters that are dead and some that are non-canon. I also told him that everyone has their own opinion of Inuyasha and his sword and that even if Rumiko Takahashi says herself that inuyasha did surpass his dad, everyone would still have an opinion. So just ignore him for awhile until he cools down

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