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What is the best honey sold that I can buy in a store?

Humans can't make honey right so that means only bees can and honey is basically "bee spit"? Anyhow I never had honey but I'm curious about it and I want to try it out properly I guess. Have you ever had REAL honey and what is it like or best for consultant? Thanks. Its a green and organic and plant based food right?

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    First, bees are not the only animals that make honey. Some ants can do it too.

    Honey is probably the most-regulated food on the planet. If the container says "Honey" (as opposed to something like "honey-flavored"), you know that it is pure and unadulterated. BTW, it lasts for a long time; honey in Egyptian tombs was perfectly good.

    About the only thing you have to decide is the source of the flowers, which affects the taste. Some honeys, like clover, are mild. Others, like buckwheat or mesquite, have more flavor. Start with clover (cheapest and most abundant) and decide whether you like it. Later, you could experiment.

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    It's more like bee vomit. Unpasteurized honey lasts indefinitely.  They add corn syrup and maybe water as well to pasteurized honey, so avoid it since they've heated out the goodness that was in it.

    Ideally you would buy local honey.

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