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When might Canada 🇨🇦 have as its head of state someone who lives in Canada & who isn’t most commonly associated with Britain  ?

As it is now, we have the Queen as Canada’s head of state. She lives in Britain and is most commonly associated with Britain. When might we have a head of state who lives here and is only associated with Canada? After the Queen ends her reign?

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  • Ludwig
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    3 weeks ago

    When we can persuade the  Chinese to provide you with one.

  • 3 weeks ago

    It will probably be a long time.  Whenever it's brought up, people look at each other, and no-one can decide what how to do it.  Elected/appointed, French/English/other balance, gender balance, east/west/north balance, and, and, and, .....  It is SO much easier (and, cheaper!) to keep things as they are.

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