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Have you ever been shot?  Can you describe it?

Was there immediate pain, or was it deadened by shock?  What kind of pain?  Burning, piercing, etc?  What caliber of firearm (approximately) hit you?  Where on your body?  Was there lasting damage?  Any other information would be welcomed.  I am a writer and would like to present these sorts of injuries accurately.

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    --  I have not been shot by a bullet, but have been wounded three times by mortar and M-40 grenade during the Second Indochina (Vietnam) War while working as an international TV news cameraman/war correspondent.

    --  The first, in 1972, was a 40mm mortar fragment in the chest and leg. It hit the chest-bone and was a medium impact which hurt a little and was bandaged by a Cambodian Army medic. The minor wound on the leg was also bandaged by the medic.  No further action was required. The scar on the chest is very minor and is barely visible. There is no scar on the leg.

    --  The second, in May 1973, was a minor 40mm or 82mm mortar fragment on the back. Again, it hit a bone and the fragment was taken out by a Cambodian medic. Again, no further action was required. There is a minor scar.

    --  The third, in December 1973, was a M-40 grenade fragments in my lower back, close to the kidneys. It was a hard thud that threw me over and hurt very much. Most of the small fragments were taken out by a Cambodian doctor at the Calmette hospital in Phnom Penh. I had to stay overnight because of slightly bleeding kidney. I only found out in 2015, during a hospital MRI here in Melbourne, Australia, that there was still one fragment still in my back. There is a minor scar where the Cambodian doctor operated.

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