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Why did the British people choose to leave the EU when they know, deep down inside, it was the wrong choice? Should the UK rejoin one day?


I think your people are asking the wrong question. It is not whether what is best for Britain, but rather, what is truly best for Europe as a whole. Is your country's welfare more important than that of others? The Germans see what your people cannot - they are perhaps the only European country to realise that service to the all supersedes service to your country's interests

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    It was never the wrong choice to leave the EU. They can manage on their own.

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    Well it wasn't all the British that wanted out. It was only the English aristocracy that wanted brexit, mainly because the EU's new anti tax avoidance legislation was going to bit the wealthy English aristocrats in the A-r-s-e.

    So through a lying propaganda campaign that was financed and supported by Aaron Banks and the Tories mates -Putin's new Russian dirty money laundering oligarch, the Tories turner the mind set of the badly educated English middle-class and made them haters of the EU.

    The Tories also gave the EU the blame for all of their balls-ups, which in reality wasn't true.

    "they know, deep down inside, it was the wrong"

    This statement isn't true because you are affording the English more integrity and intelligence, than they have.You can't compare the English with the well educated Europeans.

    brexit is about what's best for the wealth and in their minds paying tax on money earned in the EU, isn't one of them.They want to keep their off-shore tax havens safe.

    So, that why the UK is no longer a member of the EU.

    No mater what hardships befall the UK after 2021 the EU will not give us membership again. At best maybe a mediocre trade deal. 4 year have gone and passed and no trade deals have be negotiated -this can also be termed as a Tory balls-up. Even the Japanese deal is only a statement of intent.So were are all those counties that would be begging for trade deal with the UK after 2016? They seem to be more present by their absolute absence than anything else. Bigotry,dogma,nationalist bravado and stupidity were the key factor governing the no vote.

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    Much of the 'Leave Campaign' slogans were based on LIES, the biggest lie was that if we left the EU, we'd save 350 million £, which would be spent on the NHS!  Plus another issue that was mentioned was to stop the 'tide' of Legal Immigrants from coming to the UK.  Many Brits believed that these foreigners were taking away 'their jobs'.  The sad truth was that many of these Eastern Europeans, were working in low paid and low skilled jobs, that many Brits were turning their 'noses' up to as often these same Brits are too lazy to work in this type of job.

    I didn't want to leave the EU, my thoughts were that we could help change the relationship issues we had with the EU, if we were still a part of it.  Negotiating a better deal to suit our unique Island status.  48% of us voted to remain.

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    nationalism is the answer, nothing to do race, creed or colour. If you were born in the UK you are British, regardless of who you are or where your family comes from. Most of those I know who voted to leave did so out of the firm belief that we will be better off in the long run under our own government, not run by a federal European state( as that is the way the E.U. seems to be heading). People say, mainly those who wanted to remain, that it was racism, xenophobia and a myriad of other reasons. I believe it was a case of the UK should be controlled from Westminster not from Brussels, that we should make our own choices, not have them dictated to us by unelected paper pushers who are only out to feather their own nests as shown by the rampant corruption displayed by E.U. mandarins who appear to be unaccountable to anyone. The E.U. have not had their accounts audited by an independent auditor for years, the last to do so refused to sign off on them, citing mass corruption and their refusal to do anything about it as the reason.

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    from the states, I just took it as part of a world-wide racist/nationalist/white-supremacist/anti-immigrant movement.  You know, like the Trump presidency.

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    Right-wing media moguls didn't like the EU because they were clamping down on tax dodging so they used nationalistic, McCarthyist propaganda to rile their sheep against it  

  • We Britishers are made of sterner stuff than the average.

    Consequently we don't worry about trivialities.

    After all, planet Earth actually belongs to England and her appendages. Even if we'd prefer to those appendages severed.

    Rule Britannia.

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    Many were conned by blatant lies that £350 million per week would become available for the NHS and that Turkey was about to join the EU giving its 76 million nationals the right to come to the UK to live and work if it didn't get out. Dominic Cummings boasted in a Spectator article how raising those issues had swung the vote. Many mistakenly thought that all immigration would be cut when freedom of movement from the EU ended. That mistaken belief still persists judging by some of he answers here. Many believed the UK would become self-regulating, not realising it would have to accept the regulations and standards of the countries it would need to secure trade deals with. And Trump, if he remains US president, weaponises trade to bully countries into supporting US foreign policy.

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    They chose it because deep down they think it is the right choice. When other countries leave, they may well join together with them as a trading bloc, but not in the same way as the current political union which many people do not accept. A quarter of the UK electorate did not vote and so were content to let others decide which makes the decision more like 2 to 1 in favor of leaving.

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    17.5 Million Voted out

    16 million voted Stay and 14 Million did not care But the General election in 2019 was a Vote of OUT

    I know for a fact 100% it is the Right Thing to do the EU would have continued to send the Middle Eastern Rubbish to the UK

    Now we can choose who comes to the UK Like Australia does

    and we can now Buy better and cheaper food

    the Last general election which destroyed the Labour party Proved that the Majority of the Voters wanted out

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