Searching for source of a quote I vaguely remember.?

I imagine reaching out to people oh here will be fruitless but I'd me ashamed to give up my search so quickly. A while ago I had seen a piece of artwork captioned with a quote from a book. Allow me to paraphrase the quote: "At the end of the day I feel sad for <blank>, for his departure of the story left him alone. It is his transcendence from the narrative that alienated him." That is a very loose remembrance and I'm sure it may mean nothing. The book itself, I remember was about the hero's journey and the quote was from the beginning of the book. It might've if been A Hero of a Thousand Faces but I do not think that is the case. I don't think this is that important but I also recall the artist mentioning that they did not enjoy the book but became enamored with the quote, whatever that information's worth.

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