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Can you drink dehumidifier water if you ozone it and then filter it using a Britta filter? ?

I'm looking for ways to have drinkable water because the water mains break all the time in our area and we have hurricanes a lot.

Let me preface this first by saying: I'm NOT looking for answers like "buy a bunch of bottle water" or "dehumidifiers require power" comments. I know those are also options, but in an emergency, I'll probably have gas, but might not have water because everyone will have bought it all up. And yes, water does expire, and I am not keen on drinking water that's been sitting on a shelf for years and years because of leeching. Anyway, please don't comment with things like that. 

SO, my question is can you drink water from a dehumidifier if you ozone the water first, let the ozone evaporate out of the water (takes about 20 minutes for this to happen), and then put it in a Britta filter to filter it the rest of the way? I have an ozone machine and have ozoned water plenty of times. It's very effective at killing pathogens, and I think the Britta filter would filter out particulates that might end up in the water. 

Again, please don't suggest alternatives. I know there are machines that already have filters on their dehumidifiers, but I don't want to pay thousands of dollars. I already have a dehumidifier that produces 5 gallons of water, enough for our family, and I want to use the water that comes out of it in an emergency if necessary. 


Updating to add I do have a generator, so power will not be a problem. 

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  • 4 weeks ago

    Can you? Yes. Should you? Probably not. It's good for flushing toilets and for washing, though. 

    I drink well water, so I can have problems when the power goes off or the pump freezes. Just to be safe, I keep a five-gallon carboy or two full of water when there is a potential problem. But that's an alternate solution, which you don't want. Keeping your Brita filter pitcher full could help too.

  • 4 weeks ago

    I would recommend getting a water filter designed for camping rather than what you're describing.  They can use virtually any water supply.   But if you already have all that and don't want to spend any more money, it should work.

    The water the humidifier produces is essentially distilled, but could have pathogens in the reservoir.  If you know your ozone machine kills pathogens, then the only thing you would really need to worry about is taste.  And the Brita filter should handle that.

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