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If I block 889 and push message from sending me messages that I've used 100% of my hotspot high speed data?

Will that prevent my phone from slowing down when I reach my limit since they're no longer able to send me messages?  I hate how my phone stops working as a hotspot when I reach my limit but if I'm never notified then it CAN'T slow down, right?

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    As stated that will not work. Messages from the carrier do not count against you total bucket of mins or data usage. Messages from friends, family, work, etc do count.

    And you Hotspot data is what it is based on the plan you wanted. So if you are allowing other peoples devices to connect to the internet via your phone's Hotspot, you either need to stop offers your Hotspot to others, or have them use free Wi-Fi or their own cellular data instead. 

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    The cap gets applied at the server, not your phone. 

    Your provider just pushes those messages to your phone as a courtesy to let you know what they’re going to do. Their servers constantly record how much data you’re using, along with when and where, So they know exactly when to send those messages and precisely when to apply their data cap, along with any other limits on SMS, MMS, and inclusive call minutes.

    If avoiding those limits was as easy as you thought then almost everyone in your position would do it.

    If you want to avoid your present limit you have three options:-

    1. Use free wifi instead of data (although most free wifi also has download speed restrictions).

    2. Consume less data. Make sure that your phone is not set to autoload and play all video clips, and increase the amount of time that you phone waits before polling for updates.

    3. Pay for more data.

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