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I want to mount a 24 inch tv on the side of my wardrobe, but I’m worried the wardrobe won’t take it’s weight?

The tv weighs 3.5kg and the mount is 0.55kg. I have a small wardrobe and the only ideal place to hang the tv is on the side of the wardrobe. What can be done to ensure the wardrobe holds the weight of the tv? Do I add an additional piece of wood inside the cupboard?

Any help will be appreciated. 


Also, I’m not sure if there is enough depth for the tv to attach to.

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    It’s not a great idea, but with a few vital precautions could be done.

    You have just over 4kg cantilevered from your wardrobe. The true load will depend upon how far out the mounting bracket extends as that adds a lever effect which magnifies the load.

    You also need to consider what the wardrobe is made of: cheap ones are made of chipboard which has very little strength if there are any fixings pulling on it, as any cantilevered load will be doing. 

    So yes, as there’s little depth, add a solid wood or plywood doubler to the inside. Something which is about 30cm square should be fine and about 1cm thick. If you can, make the doubler longer, say 40cm, in height. Bear in mind I don’t know whether your bracket id fixed or is a swing-arm model; the latter needs far more support. If the wardrobe is chipboard then change that to two doublers at least 5mm thick, with the chipboard sandwiched between them.

    Do not use self tapping screws. There is always the risk that they will rip out. Instead use either nuts and bolts with steel washers on each side, or use machine screws instead of bolts. Machine screws are threaded all the way up the to head, and can have screwdriver or Allen-key heads instead of ugly hexagonal bolt heads.

    Finally, and so important that I suggest you do this FIRST, fix the wardrobe to the wall. That’s standard advice these days anyway, but when you have a TV hanging off the furniture the risk of the wardrobe toppling over are greatly increased. So do that first so you don’t forget later; the fixings can be rigid or they can be flexible safety straps and will need suitable wall-anchors if what you’re screwing into isn’t solid timber.

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