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Why is society out here still acting as if it’s easier to find a decent woman than it is to find a decent man?

Like I said, most of them don’t grow out of their “treat me like crap” or “I don’t know what I want so I’m hurting every guy until I find it” phases till they’re about 30 and then it’s the “I’m entitled to a husband/father material so I’m going to stoop back to the same type of guys I played games years ago” phase. 

Not all but so many^ 

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    It's in a woman's genetic code to want a man for provisioning purposes (marriage), while simultaneously being attracted to the alpha male for sex (especially at the peak of her ovulatory cycle). The two usually are not synonymous because the guy with resources is usually not operating in his own alpha frame (believe it or not). The truth is women of all types pass up on good men because the idea of life being directed in a straight line is boring to them (go on several dates with guy who is desperate for his 'dream girl', get into exclusive relationship, get married, have kids, die). Remember, women would rather be angry, sad, depressed, fearful, etc, but there is one thing they will not tolerate, and that is being bored. Guys looking for a girl to settle down with are extremely boring guys because the mindset of these guys is to focus on her, not themselves. They do everything right, and that's predictable to a woman (boring).

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    4 weeks ago

    I decided, id rather have a husband over a wife.

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