your opinions on the 1974 hit 'you ain't seen nothing yet' by bachman turner overdrive?

such a great hit, and great times to be alive....what were you doing in 1974?

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  • 2 weeks ago

    Anyone saying "it was overplayed" must be listening to fvcking radio with ads

    wher you cant even pick the songs you want to hear. They overplay ONE song and play none of the whole rest of the album! Jesus.

          GET THE NOT FRAGILE ALBUM & A BAG OF WEED. thank me later.

  • dman63
    Lv 7
    3 weeks ago

    It’s a good song, but it’s been a little overplayed and there’s other BTO tracks that I like better.  In 1974 I was 11 years old and I hadn’t really gotten into music yet.  That happened a few years later, and oddly enough, one of the first albums I bought was Best Of BTO...So Far.

  • 4 weeks ago

    If you're a regular musician who's in to chord progressions, it a pretty darn good song.

    If you're a professional songwriter or producer, it's a pretty darn good song.

    If you're a layman, your opinions may vary, but overall it takes well.  It's almost as if it's.....

    A pretty darn good song


  • Diana
    Lv 7
    4 weeks ago

    Its okay, though its been overdone so much that its more like background music.  

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  • 4 weeks ago

    I liked that one at the time. Living in Virginia.

  • 4 weeks ago

    I was in high school listen I g to BTO.  great band.  great song.

  • Danny
    Lv 7
    4 weeks ago

    I was a 28 yr old Vietnam vet in graduate school, after quitting a touring rock band. The only thing BTO did that I really liked was 1973's Takin Care of Business (which would still work many years later in bar bands). Your 1974 pick was kinda sorta OK for me in a largely dismal year in top rated R&P. In contrast, Bad Company's debut album was most excellent for me. 'Movin' On now...

  • 4 weeks ago

    Great song, one of their best, but as of one of only three of their  songs ever played on the radio these days, I'm so so tired of it.

    Saw these guys, my first 'real' concert, at a sold out Chicago Stadium on their "Four Wheel Drive" 1975 tour. Someone barfed all over our assigned seats, so, since there were no other seats available, the ushers let us sit in the announcers sports booth. I called home from one of the dial phones on the counter.

    I was a parts guy at a Dodge dealership, and worked at a Go-cart track at nights & weekends. Recently out of high school.

  • 4 weeks ago

    They were one of my favorite bands of that era. Matter of fact. If you were alive back then and remember jean jackets with all the band logos sewed on. I had a huge one of BTO on the back of my Levi jean jacket. I still have it hanging in my closet. In 74' I was 12. Protesting with my older brother the Vietnam war.My brother was one year from being eligible to get drafted. Even though they ended the draft in 72'. There was talk of it coming back.

    Note- Sadly, my older brother was killed a drunk driver in 1980.

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