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Why do meat eaters give stupid arguements to defend their beliefs?

If you tell a meat eater that eating meat is immoral, they would claim that humans are meant to eat which is completely stupid. Carnivores eat meat because their bodies can't digest plants but humans can easily digest plants and that is the reason we humans should not eat meat.


@David S : When food was scarce in palaeolithic period, humans had few options beside eating meat. Nowadays, there are a lot of things to eat without meat. We can get our protein from soy, legumes, diary and nuts.

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    Perhaps you need to look up the meaning of "omnivore" which is what humans are. 

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    I agree that eating meat is cruel and factory farming is a gross practice.  I was vegitarian for 10+ years, and I liked that diet fine.  I would do it again and not regret it.  I just like eating meat.  I love steak.  I like fish.  I like bacon.  I like chicken.  So i accept the fact that acting on my whims for pleasure are indeed causing suffering and death in this world.  I try to make sure each bite is delicious!

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    Yes, you call us meat eater's talking like meat is the only food we eat!

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    In the Bible, Romans 14. 2    "One person’s faith allows them to eat anything, but another, whose faith is weak, eats only vegetables".

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    I was a pescatarian for several years. I only ate the animals I was willing to kill myself. So I ate fish. But, I never cared what other people ate. I have respect for hunters because they appreciate the animal they are sacrificing. Deer especially, are overpopulated and they cause a lot of car accidents. Why not harvest them instead? But, if you choose not to eat me, I can respect that decision. Live and let live. Different people make different life choices. We shouldn't try to dictate one another because something goes against our standards or beliefs. So, to answer your question. Meat eaters shouldn't have to defend their beliefs, just like you shouldn't have to defend yours. You want to eat lettuce and carrots, recycle, drive a Prius, be pro choice, whatever, it's your choice.

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    Look up the word 'omnivore'. 

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    I eat meat. YOu don't like it? I don't much care. 

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    The thing is, a “meat eater” is a carnivorous animal like a lion or tiger. The term means an animal that eats



    I think what you really mean is “ordinary people” who, as omnivores, follow an ordinary, normal omnivorous diet. I think most of us would question your right to define what is “immoral” for the whole human race.

    You, of course, can eat and drink whatever you want but you present no argument at all against eating meat. You are correct, humans do not have to eat meat But nor do they have to eat apples or oranges. That's not a reason not to eat them though.

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    because that's all they got. Vegans are living proof you don't need to eat dead animals. "Omnivorous" means you can eat both plant and animal. It does not mean you need both and studies have shown it's is best to avoid animal products

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    "humans can easily digest plants and that is the reason we humans should not eat meat."

    Logic fail.  Humans can easily live without lots of things.   Doesn't mean we shouldn't do them.   Sex for pleasure comes to mind.   Well, in your case we're probably talking masturbation, but same concept.    

    It is ok for people to do things they find pleasurable even if it's not necessary for survival.   

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    There are nutrients from meat that we need that cant be found in plants...  And not just protien either.

    We are OMNIVORES, which means you need a balance of BOTH meat and plants.

    Whether or not something is "immoral" comes from one's own personal perspective, as well as cultural influences.

    Very few things are "immoral" by all standards..   Morals and ethics are not laws that are set in stone, just matters of personal or cultural opinion.

    MANY do NOT consider meat to be immoral.

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