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Dogs as fashion accessories?

What are your opinions on dogs as fashion accessories?

Positive and negative. 

This is in one of my assignments and i am kinda struggling with it.

Please help!

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    I love it but I hate it too. I love it because it really shows that the person doing that loves to be with their dogs and they have a strong bond together. I hate it because they are animals not some little cute accessories. They are living things, not a toy. People always say that I wear my dog as an accessory but I really don't. Just because I bring her everywhere with me dose not mean she is a toy or anything like that. I can't even wear my dog as an accessory, she is a lab and she is already 40 pounds and she's going to gain a lot more weight. How can I wear that as an accessory???

  • no making dog handbags!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • 4 weeks ago

    Dogs make humans look smarter.

  • 4 weeks ago

     Completely negative. I despise such idiocy in all truth ...Dogs are Dogs and should be allowed to be exactly that.

    They are not childrens toys..

    Nor are they Playthings.

    For The Fur Coat And No Knickers Plebs either.

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  • 4 weeks ago

    Living creatures arent fashion accessories.

    Fortunantly using dogs as a fashion accessory has seemed to run its course, for the most part.

    I dont see the high demand for "teacups" and "micro" pups like there was 10+ years ago..   I also see less demand for dog purses.

    The practice of creating a high demand for tiny dogs resulted in breeders churning out small dogs with health issues.. Many not living more than a few years.   Shelters and rescues were a little overrun in many areas with Chis and Chi mixes..  Wasnt uncommon for someone to dump a little designer chi mix when it exceeded the ultra tiny size the owner was expecting.

    There isnt any "pro" about it.   Shoving a tiny dog in a purse is NOT "spending time" with your dog.  It does not benefit a dog in any way to be toted around like a cute little keychain.

    And the kind of people who use pets as fashion accessories are NOT bonded with their pets...  No more than they feel any emotional attachment to a purse or a pair of shoes.   The dog often gets discarded when that breed isnt whats trendy or popular anymore.

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    This is your assignment & you have to struggle through it.  They don't want our opinions, they want yours.  This is you assignment, voice your opinion.

  • 4 weeks ago

    I have nothing to say about this idea other than at NO TIME has any of my hounds been anything near a 'fashion accessory'.    This is NOT what sharing a life with a dog is remotely about.

  • 4 weeks ago

    Dogs shouldn't be fashion accessories. They're living, breathing, animals that should have their own rights, and they should be respected. It also makes a problem for the owner with the drooling, shedding, and pooping.

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    This is your homework, not mine or anyone elses on here............ so do your own research and form your own opinions once you have researched both sides

    One thing I will say is dogs are a living, breathing animal...a 'fashion assessory' suggests 'in fashion ( at the moment) to add to an overall look'

  • 4 weeks ago

    I'm not sure what would be a positive

    its an animal that sheds, poops and eats...not an object, which would be a description of a fashion

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