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Why did she always feel the impulsive need to say this?

There was this girl and whenever there was an upcoming weekend with good weather, the previewing Friday she would always feels the need to say that I should go outside. Isn't that kind of a bitchhy thing to say? She kept making the assumption I wasn't already planning to go outside. Fųcking bitchhh. Honestly I think its kind of an abrasive thing to say. I'm sure she meant it in a kind or encouraging way, but honestly I hated hearing that. It was always so naggy and just the worst thing to hear on a Friday. She was always so condescending. I just wanted her to say thank goodness its Friday or something positive like a feel good thing to say for once. But I guess that was too much to ask for. 


Oops meant compulsive not impulsive

Update 2:

You hit it on the head,, she did seem bossy but i think it comes from deeper rooted control issues 

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    It sounds like she is bossy and likes telling folks what to do. I personally hate this as well. I want to decide what Im doing, am not an idiot, and dont need anyone to remind me that outside exists as the sun shines through my window every morning as a permanent reminder for everyone on the planet earth who is not trapped in the dungeon of a basement.

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