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My pregnant girlfriend said she doesn’t love me. ?

My girlfriend is 8 weeks pregnant and she is telling me her feelings for me has changed and told me she doesn’t love me or feel the same as she use to and it worry’s me because I don’t want us to have to raise a child separately I would love to be a family I love this girl more then anything but she keeps telling me she doesn’t see it going back to the way it was or see her feelings coming back at all. Is there anything I can do to help this situation and has anyone else experienced this and did it get better 

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    She is VERY emotional right now. I wouldn't take that to heart. Maby its time to pop the big question to let her know you are serious about your realtionship, and your family to be. 

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    I think she is hinting that you should marry her.   With a baby on the way it is silly for you to think it will not change things.  If you do not propose and marry her ASAP then she may just get rid of the both of you. 

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    Reading books like Dr Phil McGraw's excellent Relationship Rescue helps to give us deeper insights into how relationships work. (I wish I got commission, as I recommend it to so many people!). As he writes in the book, it isn't only for people whose relationships are in trouble. There are other excellent books, of course. 

    Good Luck!

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    Don't take anything she says too seriously while she is pregnant.  Try to comfort her and not get into verbal conflicts.  She'll probably recant her statement at a later time. 

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    It probably hormones speaking.  Give her space don't smother her , I went through the same thing except I'm a female, so I understand her point, her emotions are up and down like a roller coaster she just needs your support

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