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When women treat you like crap, why is it always because you “let” her?

So many times I’ve heard “he stole your girl” or 

seen battered boyfriends depicted as simps. 

If a guy complains about how girls treat him, it’s “you’re the one who goes for trash” but “it’s not your fault, guys are pigs. You’ll find the right one.” vice versa. 

They’re allowed to be unfaithful, abusive and toxic as they want and if there’s no way to blame the guy, he’s ridiculed. People never hold women accountable for their actions the way they hold men. Even a hint of a men mistreating his partner and he’s ostracised from society. 

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  • Foofa
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    1 month ago

    Not sure what "people" you mean because most rational individuals would tell a friend to leave an abusive relationship regardless of the gender of their partner. That's kind of just common sense. 

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