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Can i cancel a approved apartment after paying all the deposits? ?

Hello, me and my girlfriend wanted to move into an apartment. We got approved and i paid the deposits and signed all the paperwork. Our move in date is November 7th. And we have not moved in yet. It is getting renovated. We have not pAid out first months rent either thats due on November 7th. My girlfriend is abusive to me and I'm having second thoughts if i should move in with her. I dont think i can with all the abuse she puts me through. Is there a way i can cancel. Can i send them an email saying im jobless or something? Please help On what i can do to get out of this? I dont care about the application fees and all the stuff i paid. 


Because of coronavirus everythings online and i never got my lease so i cant even review it. Plus why would i owe rent on something i didnt even move into yet? I dont even have the keys for it and havent paid my first months rent yet thats due november 1st

Update 2:

I just talked to them and they told me i have no lease since theres still a month to go and that they will send me the lease a week before move in date

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    If you haven't signed the actual lease yet - then you can still back out with no further expenses.  You might not get the deposit back.

    Just tell them that you have reconsidered and won't be able to move right now due to some unplanned personal changes.  Letting them know NOW is always best since there is one more month of renovation before it is even ready.  They have time to line up someone else.  

    BTW - once you do sign a lease with any landlord - you are obligated to what that lease says.  In many cases, if you leave before the end of the lease - you need to pay rent for the full term of the lease.  ALWAYS read a lease carefully and know what you are getting into.  Luckily - you have not signed the lease yet.  

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    thanks just for love.

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    Money, not moved in yet - have nothing to do with your obligations.  The lease is your only tie and you haven't signed one so yes, you can and should inform them you have changed your mind.  Your gf should also inform them they she no longer wants it.  You should both email them so that you have a record of informing them and they have it in writing.  You will likely get your deposit back, but not an application fee, since that was likely already spend on background checks, credit checks, reference checks, etc.

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    No lease = no contract. You will probably lose app fees and, maybe, all or a portion of the deposit. Can you tell me what state u live in? Landlord/Tenant laws vary from state to state. So, I can't tell you more about returning the full, a portion of, or none of the deposit.

    But, I can tell you- if the management said you do NOT have a lease, then you're not under contractual obligation to pay the rent for an apartment that you've not been given keys to. 

    Receiving keys means you've taken "possession" of the apartment. At that point you would have to give notice to vacate. But, if the lease does not allow for breaking it early, then you would be responsible for the entire amount of the lease- up to the point that is re-rented to another person. Landlords/Prop Mgmt Agencies, etc. cannot collect double rent on the same unit. 

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    Did you ask them?  I doubt very much you can get any answer here--since we have no idea where this is, or what your lease says--or if there is a cancellation clause or anything. This question needs to be directed to the apartment management, not Yahoo. 

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    Since you have not signed a lease yet, you are not bound by it. However, if you decide to not sign the lease and move in, you will not get any of the money you paid back.

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    If the paperwork's signed, it's legally binding. You can't get out without breaking the lease, or changing it (which requires the agreement of everyone on the lease - ie your girlfriend and landlord).

    Your question seems to indicate you've signed all paperwork, but not the lease? If the lease hasn't been signed, then you can walk away (although you may lose any deposit paid). Be clear what you've signed. 

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    If you haven't signed a lease then you can still cancel.  You should get your deposit back minus whatever application and holding fee there is (though you might have to take them to court to actually get the money).  I suggest you go ahead and call them and say you've lost your job (or whatever) and can no longer afford the place and therefore have to rescind the application. Ask them when you'll get your deposit back, and I'm sure they'll let you know just how much back you are allowed.

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    Read your lease regarding cancellation.  You'll probably owe (at least) 3-4 months of rent.

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    Yes, and the quickest you do so the quicker a landlord can find a replacement tenant.  Kiss your deposit money goodbye.

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