What can I do with a psychology and sociology degree?

I graduated last year and recently learned how damaging ABA is. Unfortunately I have no idea what else I can do with my degree as a BA and collages don't exactly do well to prepare students  who are unable to do countless internships 


I mostly just want resources and other job sites that a more specific that arnt indeed.

Update 2:

Also to broke to go to graduate. Thank you though

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  • MS
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    3 weeks ago

    We have a good number of our psychology undergraduates who find jobs in their field after graduating.  They have worked as psychometricians in psychology clinics, as case managers in community mental health centers, as wrap-around service providers for many community agencies, etc.  We've had a number of students work in places like homeless shelters, women's shelters, rape crisis centers, etc.  Some work as project managers for non-profits, and some work as data analysts and research assistants for the state government or for university researchers. They are not particularly high-paying jobs, but they are jobs in the field and there is some opportunity for upward movement with some of them.  Also, FWIW, when ABA is done correctly it is an excellent approach and is not harmful; it can be done in harmful ways though.

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  • John
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    3 weeks ago

    I'm afraid this is another backwards case of "I'll study something, then try to figure out what to do for a living later."  

    There are many thousands of federal, state, local, and private agencies who hire psych and sociology majors.  Start looking for them, and for the government agencies take the civil service tests.  In many states a masters is enough to become a therapist, but you evidently didn't make any advance plans while a student.  As a job hunting tip, if you write in the same manner as in your question, you will never be hired anywhere.

  • Scott
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    3 weeks ago


    If you have a decent GPA, you could apply to graduate school.  There usually are not a lot of good internships available for psychology and sociology students. And it helps if you take a year off to do full-time internships. That’s what my 23-year-old son did. That meant he graduated one year later.

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