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Is it a good idea to make a basement livingroom into a master bedroom and add a master bathroom?

We bought our first house, it's the best we could afford for our first real estate investment. Its a split level and about 1500 sq ft. 3 small bedrooms 2 bathrooms. No master bathroom. 

I'd like to turn the small downstairs family area into a master bedroom and convert the larger laundry room into a master bathroom/laundry room.Is this a smart idea or too much trouble? Would it add value or decrease it? We can do all of the work on our own. My husband has built homes before but says this change wouldn't be a good idea... however, we never use the basement! I could convert our current master bedroom into a baby room/playroom. The back bedroom is close to our loud neighbors too so to me, if we have children this is the best use of space I can think of. But idk... HELP. lol 

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    First, if you have a septic system and add a bedroom, you then may require you to increase the size of your septic tank ($10k to $15k cost in my area) gulp!

    Adding a 4th bedroom means more people can live in the house, but it also means you are decreasing the living area for future use of those people.

    Would you consider taking the wall down between two bedrooms and creating a master bedroom suite there? I think that is what I would do. This leaves the lower level for future flexibility.

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    Are there means of egress from the basement? If not it would be illegal for people to sleep there

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    Adding a bathroom is usually a very good idea. 

    When you sell you may need to rearrange furniture and make the master bedroom into a recreational area. 

    Do you want to be in the basement with your young children’s bedrooms up stairs?  

    Split level, where the basement is partially above ground? 

    Look at homes for sell around you, in the same price range,

    Talk to an experienced real estate agent. 

    I could see that working for my daughter and her husband. No kids. They could have their guest room and offices up stairs with the kitchen and living room. They would have their privacy downstairs when company is over, which is often. 

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    Listen to the builder. He has seen various floor plans and knows what sells. Yes, there was a time when a en-suite bathroom was not the thing to do.  If the master can not walk to the Master bathroom - he is ready for the retirement home.

    . You got paper and a pencil and a measuring tape and paper so start measuring and sketching out various floor plans.

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    if your husband builds houses, listen to him. But the big question is what is the ventilation and egress from a basement? If there isnt any, its not to code and would not be permitted.  You might pay a few hundred to have a good space planner or architect look over the plans and offer ideas.  If a baby is while off, you could consider adding on in the future if possible and use what space you have now for a master suite. You dont want to do anything that decreases your value or makes the place hard to sell, and a basement  masterbedroom may do that

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    It sound achievable. In terms of value, you are not losing any rooms. The bathroom (or shower room) /laundry room sounds like a great idea - and the main space would still work as a guest room (even a hobbies room) which may well be attractive  to a buyer. If it is a bit weird for the market you could always present it more conventionally when you come to sell.

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    Most people do not want their master bed and bath to be in the basement.  As a result,  you'll have difficult selling the property with that configuration.  Adding a full bath to the basement isn't necessarily a bad idea,

    Most people would take two of the existing above ground bedrooms and cover them into a master bedroom, walk-in closet, and master bathroom set up.  Given that the house is on 1500 square feet, making it a 2-bed/2 bath would be fine.

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    Without seeing your house, it's really impossible to say what's a good idea or not.

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