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Thinking of a story about time-traveling Social Justice Warriors. What events do you think they should address?

I have an idea for a Science-fiction comedy about diverse team of Social Justice Warriors living in a Leftist Utopian future.  The are ordered to travel back in time and correct the perceived injustices of past eras so that the Utopia can arrive sooner.  I plan for many unforeseen circumstances and complications to arise from this effort.  What events do you think would be most entertaining for them to address?

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    How about protecting the Neanderthals and Denisovans from becoming extinct? 

    I think you should read the Jasper Fforde "Thursday Next" series for ideas. I find it very entertaining. 

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    They could research their own ancestors practicing slave-trading and other social injustices. They they can come back and pay everyone reparations.

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    Why not a future right-wing Utopia?  Or has Margaret Atwood sewn that up with  "The Handmaid's Tale"?

    Take on the Homestead Strike.

    Take on  the famine in Ireland.

    Take on the revolutions in Europe in 1848.

    Take on the slum landlords and the police corruption of New York City in the "gilded age".

    Take on the ill treatment of slaves in the Spanish gold mines, the Caribbean sugar cane plantations or the American cotton plantations.

    Do the research.  Write a plausible story, in standard recieved English (American or British). If you wish to entertain, don't be stupid. Don't mock those people who actually do try to make Earth livable.

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    I think they should travel to 2020 so that they can shoot up all the Trump supporters for exercising their first amendment and maybe even shoot up trump while they are at it!

    lol (maybe they will show up next month to do it! lol)

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