How do I report someone for booting?

Someone booted me for no reason, their epic and psn username is CircleEditYT PLEASE DO SOMETHING THEY HAVE BOOTED ME OVER AND OVER AABOUT 10 TIMES

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    Without context here...  your cries / complaints will fall upon deaf & apathetic ears.

    If you choose to join ANYTHING PRIVATE (Chat Room, Game Server, Team Group, ect.), you are generally at the mercy of the person who created the private offering as most private places generally run on the idea "My Room, My Rules" & they have don't have to justify any of their moderation actions in the space they have total control over.

    In more public settings, where the person who created the private room / group doesn't have absolute control, they typically run on democratic rule where group only kicks somebody out when they obtain a simple majority vote (generally anything over 50.000%).

    In BOTH CASES, since the action of booting you out of a PRIVATE game / room / group / server, the maker of the game or service that's being utilized will NOT do anything because such actions are done BEHIND CLOSED DOORS & therefore not subject to staff intervention where you can report the users in question.

    Considering the user in question is toxic towards you, just block the jerk (so you don't have to deal with their invites or any conversations with them) & move on with your life.  This was probably something you should have done after they booted you the 2nd time (as the common phrase is "Fool me once, shame on you!  Fool me twice, shame on me.") & allowing them to repeat it more than that was just foolish attempt at injecting fair logic towards those who wish to be unfair towards you.


  • if it was their server, then that's that, if not then as far as i have ever experienced you cannot be "voted out"  by 1 other users vote, unless there are only 2 of you in the server..

    The reasoning part of the argument is not for me to say i have no justification to take sides..

    my advice choose a different server..if others are avaliable

  • 3 weeks ago

    They are probably trying to play with friends.

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    can't, besides yahoo doesn't care what happens anymore .........

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