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Cat doesn't eat food but drinks water / can dental pain cause her to throw up? ?

Took my cat to the vet today since she didn't eat since last night.

I said I thought it might be her teeth that stops her from eating. 

They said she does need descaling in a few weeks, and gave her pain meds. They did blood work and nothing came up. 

But I've come home now and still couldn't get her to eat anything but a few treats. She can't seem to hold it in her mouth which suggests it's her teeth. 

She slept for an hour and the threw up the treats undigested. 

On the carrier on the way to the vets she had a very small and very slight bit of poo/diarrhoea as she was very scared. 

She is drinking water though. 

What could this suggest. 

Ofcourse I don't espect anyone to know for certain. 

Could dental pain cause her to throw up? 


I'm really worried as because of her teeth she can't eat anything. What should I do she can't even have pate? 

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  • Audrey
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    4 weeks ago

    Well if she can't chew them she could throw them up. My cat gobbles her treats and doesn't chew them. Then they come back up.

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