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Go with friend as planned to restaurant. Friend brings someone with her that I had no clue she was doing until I got there. Rude or not rude?


Basically, I planned to have dinner with my friend. Had I known she would have brought a stranger(her friend, but someone I've never met), I would not have gone. My time is limited and you cant speak freely about your life in full comfort with someone you dont know. 

I dont mind meeting new people, just dont spring it on me as a restrained convo is not what I wanted on my one day off I get every 14 days. 

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    4 weeks ago
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    Very rude...tell your friend what you think of them bringing someone not expected, you friend should have call you first.

  • Helen
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    4 weeks ago

    Yes it is rude. You don't make arrangements with someone only to bring someone else at the last minute. Especially if you didn't know the other person and it was just the three of you. As they say, three's a crowd...

  • 4 weeks ago

    I get what you saying, I too would be annoyed. But it depends, if I intiated the outing and my friend brought someone without asking then that's wrong, however if my friend initiated the outing and brought someone else then thats fine, not 100% fine because my friend should have told me, but its still fine. But yes, it was wrong of your friend for not informing you. 

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