How is the term ladies first and expecting a man to open doors for a women but not expect a woman to do the same for a man not sexist?

Sexism is behavior, conditions, or attitudes that foster stereotypes of social roles based on sex. Sexism also means prejudice, stereotyping, or discrimination, typically against women, on the basis of sex so according to these definitions it’s sexist since you’re letting women go  first just because they’re  women  and expect a man to open doors for a woman just because they’re men so therefore it’s sexist since it discriminates.

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    Most people open doors for each other going in and out of places, and in emergency situations there is no more "women and children first," so you can start untwisting your panties.

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    "How is the term ladies first and expecting a man to open doors for a women but not expect a woman to do the same for a man not sexist?"

    It is technically sexist as it meets your second definition (which happens to be the first definition from my top 3 search results).  Of course, under the traditional system, this kind of "sexism" was tolerated as being in the best interest of society. But when feminism came around, these ideas kind of became obsolete ... for awhile.  Let me explain.

    The early 2nd wave feminists were still very much aligned with the idea of proper equality for women.  They were even in alignment with equal Responsibilities, and not just equal Rights.  But as time went on, there was a repudiation of this kind of strict equality for what slowly turned into today's feminist version of "gender equality".  And that is, equal Rights without equal Responsibilities.  Demanding the traditional female privileges while calling out traditional male privileges to be "sexist".  And worse, calling unequal treatment sexism when it suits them, but also calling equal treatment sexism when that suits them too.

    The last one is where your question is coming from.  This is where it is still common, and acceptable for a woman to convert from the Director of HR into a traditional damsel on the spot, and suddenly expect traditional female privileges from men ... and call men sexist if they don't go along.  A full on double standard.

    And the reason this works is because men HAVE TO be traditional in order to ever hook up or partner with a woman.  Everyone, even the most hardened heterosexual feminist demands traditional style romance from her man.  And this is how men lose.  Because without any agreed upon social contract, they give women  the best of both traditionalism, AND equality while they lose out in both circumstances.  Today's feminism is rife with this double standard.  And that is why the narrative is that men can never do anything right.  Because they are somehow always supposed to know which woman is standing in front of him (the traditionalist, or the "feminist") at any given moment in time.  An impossible feat.


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    I like how every time you ask this question the people that answer the question don't know the difference between chivalry and common courtesy. lol

    Really though, how many times are you going to ask this question? 

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