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My cat opens his mouth and pants like a dog when he plays? ?

Ok so I got a kitten around Easter and he's a little older now couple months and when we play with a toy and he runs around he pants with his mouth open? When he got his shots and everything I told the vet about this and they didn't find anything wrong I don't believe they did any testing or anything. But is it normal he lays down after playtime and starts panting. It's not hot in my apartment he has plenty of water. Anyone know why. He keeps playing and wants to keep playing. He might lay down and pant too after a even short play time. He's young cat and shouldn't be panting? I might take him back to the vet for a new check up just to get a reconfirmation on everything.

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    Are you wearing him out when you DO play him? Panting in cats is common, especially in kittens, when you play them harder than they would normally play themselves. He's cooling himself down after play, all normal. NOT normal is just panting out of blue. You have a good reason as to why he is panting. My cat used to pant, too. We used to play the hell out of him and he would lay on the cool tile and just pant away and get some water. He stopped as he got older. 

    Stress panting, while "normal," is usually on car rides or exposed to quickly to something new (moving, being scared of a new person, etc.). As long as he's eating, drinking, pooping and peeing like normal, alert, and overall a healthy kitty, I don't think you have anything to worry about. It's not common like it is with dogs, but plenty of cats do pant after strenuous playtime with their humans. 

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    That's normal.    You don't see a lot of cats doing cardio exercise regularly so when they do, they can pant just like people or dogs.

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