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Is Concerta working?

I think Concerta is working for me (currently on 27mg), but how can I be sure? 

Also, how would I know if this is what I need? I don't have a formal ADHD diagnosis (yet). 

How would Concerta feel if I didn't have ADHD? 

How do I know that it works?


To clarify: THIS IS LEGAL. I was prescribed Concerta by a Nurse Practitioner who works with my local Psychiatric Services. I am not formally diagnosed with ADHD, but their practice was able to prescribe the meds and try them out. This is NOT illegal. 

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    1 month ago

    NPs, psychiatric nurses, psychiatrists, M.D.s and anybody else who prescribes psychiatric drugs is trying to destroy your life. Psych drugs are arguably the most dangerous drugs in the world as a general class, even more so than quite a few 'street' drugs. Prescribers of psych drugs get virtually ALL the information about these drugs from those who work for the drug companies and not from valid, third party scientific or medical sources. Anybody that prescribes psych drugs is basically acting as a dealer for the multi- billion dollar, multi-national pharmaceutical industry and doesn't have your mental of physical well-being in mind. Don't kid yourself.

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