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Can I get a Samoyed if I work full time?

I am dying to get a Samoyed, however I work 8-5 everyday. My bf will be home during the day as he is working from home, so the pup won’t be alone. However, he will probably go back to work within the next 12 months or so depending on how covid plays out. Would it be fair to leave a Samoyed home alone during the day? We have another friendly dog who would be a good friend and keep the Samoyed company, and we have a pretty decent sized house and an awesome backyard. Worst case scenario my bf could come home on his lunch and check on the dog. I could also take the pup to work with me occasionally, but not a lot. I know Samoyeds aren’t for everyone and they are truly precious dogs, so I want to make sure that if I get one, I am giving it the best life possible.  Other Samoyed owners out there, what are your thoughts?


I grew up with Norwegian Elkhounds, which if you didn’t know, are SUPER furry and it’s almost impossible to train them to not bark. So I do have some experience in those fields. 

Update 2:

I live in a cold region, winter is 6 months. Other months, I run the AC 24/7. We are also very active, we hike every week and go to the mountains.

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  • 4 weeks ago

    Sounds to me that it would work.  Personally I would stay away from a dog like that with all that heavy coat.  Too much brushing to keep the dog tangle free & when the shed, OMG how they shed.  The coat mats easily & can become quite a mess.

    Once I was stripping a Samoyed & got to the rear end & cut into a pocket that formed by mats & out came hundreds of maggots & a large amount of sshit.  They mat so bad if not taken care of.

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    Nope. As you wont have enough time to either housetrain or even basically train  the dog. You being at work, and the pup  being at home obviously .

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    It is far from an ideal life for a young Sammy (say if you got a puppy or young adult).  This breed needs extensive, aerobic exercise EVERY SINGLE DAY - not just a hike on the weekends.  No dog will "self-exercise" so though you can "contain" the dog in a nice yard - unless you choose to adopt a older dog of age 7+ no, I would not advise the lifestyle you  offer.  Companionship is important for this affectionate breed but major exercise (not just a daily walk) is crucial, as is enough mental stimulation.  Boredom often leads to destructive actions or serious DIGGING (which can equal an ESCAPE).

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    Can - of course, in a 'free' world.   Should - no.  Best practice with an adult is no longer than 4 hours on a regular basis.   And even less with a puppy.   The dogs would be okay but thinking logically, if you are eventually both working a full working week away from home, what time are you going to have for dogs.   Given you may well be tired after a working day/travel and then in bed.

    Puppies need somebody to be there pretty much 24/7 if housetraining is to be achieved.  

    You say you have another dog - which is better than no dog, but there are no guarantees they will get along.

    9 hours 5 days a week is way too long to leave a dog at home.   Your decision but I refused selling one of our puppies to somebody with that life-style.

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  • 4 weeks ago

    My sister had three of them.  Aside from them shedding like crazy, especially when they blow their winter coat in the springtime, they have boundless energy and need lots of exercise or they get fat.  Also, all that hair makes them overheat in the summer unless you live somewhere cool or have great air conditioning.

  • Anonymous
    4 weeks ago

    No!   Samoyeds are cold-climate working dogs.    You do not put a samoyed in a house all day any more than you put a husky in a house all day.

    Unless you are a marathon runner and run ten miles twice a    Please don't do this. 

  • Anonymous
    4 weeks ago

    apparently samoyd dogs bark a lot.Ask your neighbours if they like barking dogs

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